Antioxidants are Great for “Wrinkle-Free” Skin

Not for many, those pesky wrinkles signify wisdom. Nowadays, most people would prefer not having those fine lines on the face and body. In a bid to have a wrinkle-free skin, people resort to many products and procedures available in the market.

But unfortunately, most of them land up disappointed with their products’ claims! And for many, plastic surgery seems to be the most safe and effective step towards possessing a wrinkle-free skin, but it does not suit everyone’s pocket!

And, if you are one of them, forget turning to either of the options.

A researcher at the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences has come up with a new wrinkle-fighting method – an antioxidant. Excessive exposure to sun’s rays or during normal aging, free radicals in the body increase leading to a breakdown of many body tissues including the skin, i.e breakdown of the skin’s collagen and elastin fibers – resulting in wrinkles. When the new antioxidant is applied on such skin, it can protect it for a longer time, compared to the ones prevailing in the market – as is able to withstand high temperatures being soluble in water.

And most importantly, unlike the ones in the market shelves, it does not oxidize easily and thus remains effective over time.

So, it’s time to bid the commercially available antioxidants — claimed to oxidize quickly, declining their efficiency with time – goodbye, as also those plastic surgeries and grab the new product, once the claims proof successful on humans.