Caffeine-Drinking “Exercise Freaks” Have Reduced Skin Cancer Risks

Prolonged exposure to sunlight, besides other factors, leads to skin cancer. In 2007 alone, 1,000,000 cases of skin (non-melanoma) cancer have been estimated, with nearly 2000 people being killed by the disease.

Though it is not always possible to change one’s job requirements to go out and travel in the sun, change in your ‘lifestyle’ can be an answer to the deadly disease. If you are an exercise freak, just add to it a cup of that refreshing coffee – and you are at the least risk of developing skin cancer!

Yes, by building up this healthy but simple habit, you may actually reduce your risk from the painful and killer disease. This combination of exercise and caffeine may help bringing in a revolutionary remedy to the growing skin cancer cases across the world.

Dr. Allan H. Conney of the laboratory for cancer research at Rutgers said, “With an understanding of these mechanisms we can then take this to the next level, going beyond mice in the lab to human trials. With the stronger levels of UVB radiation evident today and an upward trend in the incidence of skin cancer among Americans, there is a premium on finding novel ways to protect our bodies from sun damage.”

And if you are a ‘caffeine-drinking runner’ and the new finding proves true for humans, then you are just the ideal example of the lifestyle that can effectively reduce skin cancer risks.

But again, that does not mean, you can take the liberty of staying unprotected under the sun for hours!