Body Skincare Tips

The skin on your body might not get acne as much as your face, but it still requires a general level of care and maintenace in order to stay fresh, clean, and clear of marks. Surprisingly, perfume is among the things that can impact the skin’s appearance.  

Perfume is one of the most desirable cosmetic products in all regions. It’s mesmerizing and fragrant aromas draw people in and make you smell good. However, these products are made with the use of ingredients that can impact your skin’s appearance, like plant sources, animal sources, synthetic sources, and some other natural sources with mixed elements. The variety of plant sources that are used to prepare the Perfume include flowers and blossoms, fruits, bark, resins, roots, bulbs woods, leaves, seeds, and more. While these are sometimes natural, they are more often synthetic fragrances, which can cause acne breakouts. 

 Moreover, the “fragrance” ingredient, sometimes written as “parfum,” can wreak havoc on your skin and hormone production. According to several studies, 75 percent or products that list fragrance as an ingredient contain the hormone disrupting chemical phthalates. This chemical is used to make fragrances last longer, but it has been linked to several severe health conditions. This includes reduced sperm count in men, liver and breast cancers, reproductive malformation, and diabetes.  

This toxic ingredient can wreak havoc on your skin and cause additional, more serious health concerns. If you are interested in purchasing a perfume that makes you smell good but does not disrupt your body skin or general health, consider purchasing a product that contains essential oils. This natural fragrance has none of the harmful effects of synthetic fragrance.