Thea Divine Skin Care is your source for personalized skin care advice and general information about dermatology. There are a few basic rules of thumb that pretty much everyone should follow as part of their skin care routine. There is also an endless list of tips from friends, influencers, and industry professionals that can be real game changers for some but not worth the extra time and expense for others. Likewise, there are a lot of great products out there today, but not every skin care product makes sense for everybody—or for every household budget.

There are people who struggle with dry skin and people who struggle with oily skin. There are people who are primarily interested in skin that looks and feels pleasant, and there are people who don’t care that much what their skin looks like but who want to take care of themselves and live a healthy, fulsome life. Our goal is to build a platform where people can get accurate information about skin health from an honest source, while also finding tips and advice that speak to their own dermatological priorities.

The unfortunate truth is that it’s not easy wading through and sorting out what’s more or less the truth and what’s a hyped-up marketing claim that’s exaggerating expected results or, worse, distorting the truth. There are basic facts about our skin and what’s most important for skin health that most everybody can agree on. Yet, when it comes to specific products, specific ingredients, frequency of application, and expected results, things get very murky, very quickly. We’re going to work hard to make sure we properly contextualize and explain the information we publish on our site.

Other Thea Skin Companies

Thea was a Titan goddess that means “divine” and “brightness.” Her alternate name, Euryphaessa, means “wide-shining.” These qualities were most often used to describe her eyes but can also be attributed to her skin. It’s no surprise that Thea gave birth to Helios (Sun), Selene (Moon), and Eos (Dawn). It’s also no surprise that other companies, including some skin care companies, have appropriated the name of Thea.

  • Once known as Thea Skin Care, Althea Tomlin Skincare is a UK company known for its fusion of natural ingredients from Africa and Asia.
  • Thea Lounge is a local skin and spa treatment center in Joliet, IL.

Thea Divine Skin Care has its own place in the skin care and dermatology communities. We want to shine a wide, bright light into the darkest corners of our current knowledge about skin care and skin care products. We encourage you to join us in spreading the word and finding your own path to skin that exudes divinity.