Specific Acne Therapies and Treatments

Sometimes, specific acne and skin types call for more refined acne therapies. While these aren’t especially common, they might help reduce or clear your breakouts.  

IPL Acne Therapy is a successful innovative light-involved therapeutic treatment which is currently modernizing acne treatment. The IPL Acne Therapy demolishes the bacteria that cause acne. There is no pain, no downtime, and no drugs needed alongside this treatment. The IPL system was recognized by the FDA. You’ll need to make an appointment with the dermatologist for treatment. Deep, inflammatory acne is cleared with a UV light procedure. A continuous 8 treatments within one month restores the crystal clear, smooth, shiny and acne-free skin. Every treatment requires just 10 minutes.  

Another more specific acne treatment is hyperkeratinization, which is a method that modifies the hormones that dictate sebum production. Using lights, especially red and green, the wavelengths can piece the follicles and destroy P. Acnes bacteria through generating the porphyrin creation. The Green light effects on the molecules of the porphyrin. The red light generates the anti-inflammatory solutions. 

Finally, the Hippocrates Acne Treatment is a great solution for different types of irritating acne problems. This treatment includes the number of active ingredients. This treatment typically includes 12% pure AHA’s, Rosehip seed oil, and 3% pure BHA’s. Out of these ingredients, AHA’s is used to augment the cell renewal process, BHA’s will retexturize the skin, and Rosehip seed oil will reduce the skin pores. These ingredients are used to initiate the mechanism of skin cell repair process. Comparable to this active elements, Hippocrates Acne Treatment also includes ingredients like essential oil, Tea tree, Lavender, Sage, kojic Acid, and extracts of chamomile. These address different types of skin cleansing techniques, like sebum regulation, pore minimization, reduction of inflammation, and improved circulation.