We were named for the actual Thea, written “Theia.” She was the Titan goddess of sight and the bright, blue sky in Greek mythology. Thea was the goddess who gave silver and gold their brilliance, who birthed Helios, the sun, Eos, the dawn, and Selene, the moon. She presided over everything clear, bright, and beautiful in the natural world. Worshiping her included burning oils and incense, particularly at dawn or dusk.  

Coincidentally, that’s when a lot of skin care routines happen. Do you see where we’re going with this? 

Thea is also the Greek word for sight. We think that fits in pretty well with skin care, don’t you?  

Our skin is the first thing another person sees in another. Whether it’s a face, a hand, or even a shoulder, skin is our opportunity for a first impression. We should try to make it look and feel as healthy as possible. 

From this idea, Thea Divine Skin Care was born. This site is devoted to skin care in all forms, whether it’s protecting your arms from harmful UV rays or finding the best toning facial mist for your skin type. We have a special focus on skin care treatments and dermatology communities.

Skin care is one of the most important facets of physical health. Our skin protects us more than any other body part, and proper maintenance can heighten quality of life and improve confidence. That’s the goal I have for myself, and I hope that’s what this site can bring to you.