What is Acne?

Acne is caused by changes in hormones and skin’s substances, such as hair follicles and oil glands. Acne’s cause is still mostly unknown, and there are numerous factors linked to it. That said, one of the biggest known factors for acne is hormones, especially hormonal changes. These changes may occur during pregnancy, while taking birth control pills, stopping birth control pills, and going through puberty. Even though hormonal changes are not able to be controlled, handling your skin with care can keep your complexion clear, boosting your confidence.

Heredity and genetics also play a role in acne development. According the survey of the health care reported that the major teen age boys identified with the acne informed that their parents and forefathers have the acne. If your parents struggled with acne, you probably will, too.

There are also particular drugs can cause acne as a side effect. When treating and assessing your acne, however, remember that there are several myths related to acne’s main causes. Greasy food items and chocolate, for example, don’t necessarily cause acne, even though they’re rumored to do so.

In many cases, there are many factors to acne development. Extreme humidity and pollution can spur acne development, as well as grease that builds up in a work atmosphere. Adult women may experience the acne prior to menstrual periods, or if they use a harsh scrub on their skin or experience extreme stress.

Antibiotics, derivatives of Vitamin A, and others can slow the process of acne development or clear your complexion completely. If you want to get rid of your acne, find a high-quality cleanser that both kills bacteria and exfoliates the top level of skin. This will clear your skin completely.